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Series Four

Absolutely Fabulous
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Series Four : 1993 : 7 Episodes

Episode 1 : broadcast 18th Febuary 1993.
1. Misery part one - Jennifer writing a new script and Dawn finding her after an unfortunate car accident.
2. White Room - Jennifer is having another of those 'Marlene' days.
3. In and Office. Jennifer plays a woman trying to 'dash out' of the meeting early and ends up taking so long she is the last to leave.
4. Misery part two - Dawn 'fixs' Jennifers legs for her.
5. Ken & Duane the Sound of Music - Introducing Dickens Daugeters.
6. Dickens Dauhters - "You can take the girl out of Bananarama, but you can't take Bananarama out of the girl."
7. Jim & Jim - Office postal deliveries.
8. At Home - In the kitchen, gossiping about Gérard Depardieu.
9. Tights advert - "Ever wondered if your legs will last all day?"
10. Misery part three - Jennifer finishes the new script and Dawn bring champagne to celebrate. Dawn ends up being killed by Jennifer but it takes a while to 'finish her off'. She succeeds in doing so using a bazooka.
Starring : Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.
With : Joanna Bowen, Sidney Cole, Lisa Coleman, Greg Cruttwell, Beverley Hills, Carla Mendonca.
Episode 2 : broadcast 25th Febuary 1993.
1. Silence of the Lambs part one - Jennifer has a meeting with the Head of Light Entertainment which leads to her having to go and see Dawn (as Hannibal) in a high security prison.
2. White Room - A package has arrived for Dawn. "I'm not your personal post office you know!"
3. Dance Quickie - Modern Dance.
4. Silence of the Lambs part two - "They're ready for you in make-up Miss French."
5. Ken & Duane the Sound of Music - Introducing The Mammas and Pappas.
6. Mammas and Pappas song.
7. White Room - Dawns 'pregnant' - "I've had this huge, wobbling, great-big tummy for 408 months."
8. Lucky Bitches - Jackie and Joan Collins.
9. Elizabethan Women - How to avoid getting pox and the problems with the new sewer system.
10. Dawn about to leave her house, checking herself out in the mirror.
11. Silence of the Lambs part three - "Having an old friend for lunch."
Starring : Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.
With : Christopher Biggins, Bernie Clifton, Roy Hudd, Mavis Nicholson, The Krankies, Jonathon Ross.
Episode 3 : broadcast 4th March 1993.
1. Bergman days - The sea is full of dead bodies and Death's waiting on the rocks.
2. Dancie Quickie - Everybody in the house of love.
3. White Room - Dawn's exausted because of all the sex...
4. RSVP Top People Party Organisers.
5. Bergman days - Do you mind if Death comes in and waits?
6. Ken & Duane Sound of Music - Introducing Guns & Roses.
7. Guns & Roses.
8. Birmingham office workers - Luuuvley.
9. Fat Men - Car parking attendants.
10. Bergman days - The End, Death playing chess as credits roll, followed by ending with Dawn and Jennifer, change from b/w to colour.
Starring : Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.
With : Raw Sex, Joanna Bowen, Susie Fairfax
Episode 4 : broadcast 11th March 1993.
1. In Bed With F&S - Madonna Dawn and Madonna Jennifer in their hotel room then going on to prepare for a show.
2. At Home - In the kitchen, gossiping about Jerry Hall.
3. Madonna Dawn and Jennifer standing in a hallway, out of character. Jennifer is laughing at the pointed bras they are wearing.
4. Jackie and Lianne - Catalogue shopping.
5. Ken & Duane the Sound of Music - Introducing Fleetwood Mac.
6. Fleetwood Mac song.
7. Madonnas Dawn and Jennifer - After Show.
8. White Room - Dawn living in disguise. "I am under threat of death! do you understand??"
9. Madonnas Dawn and Jennifer - Out of character again "If Madonna asked you to step into her shoes...would you?"
10. Dawn as a guest speaker at a conference, Loses part of her speech and is very nervous.
11. Two women in a pub, eating bar snacks but not saying a word to each other.
12. Madonnas Dawn and Jennifer - Truth or Dare.
Starring : Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.
With : Jane Asher, Sidney Cole, Lee Cornes, David Gilliam, Jakko Jakszyk.
Episode 5 : broadcast 18th March 1993.
1. Alien part one - Jennifer meets with BBC exec to get her 'crew'. She gets her light entertainment marines and does a lot of running through corridoors untill she finds Dawn.
2. Elizabethan Women - Talking about Mistress Beth's son working for Shakespeare.
3. Dance Quickie - Cabaret.
4. White Room - Jennifer getting ready to go out with Dawn. She drops a panty pad from her bag and gets very embarrased talking about it to Dawn. "It's just for freshness."
5. Ken & Duane the Sound of Music - Introducing Mary Hopkin and Dana.
6. Dana song, followed by Mary Hopkin.
7. Alien part two - Dawn has something horrible on her face. "You've got something here."
8. Dawn goes out riding with her horse Peter Pan.
9. Alien part three - Dawns 'mother' comes to visit.
Starring : Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.
With : Kathy Burke, Kevin Allen, David Horrovitch, Roger Moss, Tim Wylton.
Episode 6 : broadcast 25th March 1993.
1. House of Idiot - So Worried about the missing buttons.
2. At Home - In the kitchen - The Royals, who has it, who's lost it.
3. Teenage Diaries Lone Yachtswoman Debbie O'Brien.
4. Ken & Duane Sound of Music - Introducing Pans People
5. Pans People - Yellow River
6. House of Idiot - New design Ideas and the real cast turning up.
7. Gladiators - Gerbil and Boulder Stats.
Starring : Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders
With : Stella Conet, Louise Lombard, Cathy Murphy, Raw Sex, Patrick Barlow, David Beard, Kathy Burke, Arthur Cox, Harriet Thorpe.
Episode 7 : broadcast 1st April 1993.
1. Thelma & Louise Part 1 - On the road then pulling into the BBC set.
2. White Room - Jennifer practising for an audition.
3. Dance Quickie - Flappers
4. Thelma & Louise Part 2 - They get pulled over by the police.
5. Dawn as housewife dreaming of taking over as Annie Lennox on tour.
6. French & Saunders Dancing Academy.
7. Thelma & Louise Part 3 - Straight to comedy heaven.
Starring : Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.
With : Darcy Bussell, Anthony Dowell, Robbie Carwithen, Paul Stobart.
End of Series Four.

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