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Many famous faces have done guest spots in French and Saunders. Some of them got minor injuries (e.g. Lulu), others have never been the same since. Here I shall name a few of the fortunate people who had the pleasure to work alongside the wonderful Dawn and Jennifer.

"No. We can't kill Lulu! She's a National Treasure!" - Never a truer word spoken. Lulu is one of the best French and Saunders guests. Featuring in the Pulp Fiction spoof in series five Dawn and Jennifer spend the day protecting Lulu, only to inevitably kill her in the end.
D - "Oh my god we killed Lulu!"
J  - "Everyone's gunna hate us."

Helen Mirren.
Helen has been in French and Saunders a couple of times. In series 5 sketches 'The Job' and 'The Generation Gap' and an Easter Special in 'Acting Masterclass'.

Alison Moyet.
Right from the very beggining Alison Moyet was involved with French and Saunders appearing in their very first episode and others since. Also repaying the favour by having Dawn and Jennifer in her music Videos.

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